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In the beginning…

cone pictureMrs. Frostie was born out of the childhood memories of a young girl growing up in New York City. She remembered summer evenings playing with friends and hearing the familiar sound of an ice cream truck jingle. The music generated a smile and expectations of eating a sprinkled ice cream cone on the front steps of her house.

Years later, she sat out on her patio in a quiet neighborhood of Southern California and wished for that familiar jingle. She started planning to bring her memories of that distant music alive.

In April 2001, she brought smiles to everyone when the first truck arrived and she began traveling the neighborhoods. That first truck, born out of a dream, signaled the arrival of a new era to Southern California’s mobile ice cream servers.

Many people who are fortunate to have Mrs. Frostie in their neighborhood recognize that today their children are experiencing the same delectable soft serve ice cream products that Alex had as a child. Mrs. Frostie has become “Simply the Best” soft serve ice cream on wheels in the San Diego County area. 

The customized truck body and equipment contains a complete ice cream parlor on wheels. Mrs. Frostie is a major trendsetter in the Southern California market, commanding a tremendous response for its special products. We have not yet scratched the surface of where the future lies for Mrs. Frostie. The demand for our services has been overwhelming and we’d like to thank the public for continuing to support the dreams of a young girls memories.
"Mrs Frostie"

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